Alta Quartzite Slate Experience!

Alta Quartzite Slate Experience
Alta Quartzite Slate. One of the best if not the best high quality slates in the world! 7-800 million year old sediments that after have been kilometres under the bedrock came up to the surface in Alta for about 250 million years ago. Exploiting the slate has been an industry in Alta since the early 1860’s. Generations of hard working men have supported their families by taking out slate from the mountains south of Alta town and now at Pæskatun the 3rdand 4th generation are doing this hard labour. Up in the mountains at Pæskatun a visually and acoustically impressive presentation will teach you everything about the world famous Alta Quartzite Slate and how it is taken out of the mountain. A slateworker of today has a warm, modern hall and different equipment to ease the work, but still his skills and a steady, strong hand is required. At Pæskatun one of our experienced and enthusiastic slateworkers will proudly demonstrate one complete, practical work flow – from a huge slate block to a pre-manufactured roof tile. A very important tool for the slateworker is his slate scissors. And after showing how he is using them, it will be your turn to try them; to produce a proper, self-made souvenir of Alta Quartzite Slate! When done with the “hard” labour it is time to relax, explore our slate quarry or have a look into our slate worker hut museum to see how they lived and worked during the weekdays in the past. Take a coffee and snacks and make yourself comfortable at our nicely arranged places. And let your eyes wander about the peaceful and calming scenery of the Alta river valley before we unfortunately have to tear us away from Pæskatun. Included
Self-made slate souvenir, hot beverages and snacks
Additional information
Clothing and shoes according to the season recommended
We produce unique, exclusive and also high class slate souvenirs which can only be bought at Pæskatun
Be inspired by our famous slate!
Season: Year around (excl. 24./25.12 and 29.03-02.04)
Capacity: 10-60
Departure: As agreed
Duration: 1.5-2 hours at the site (depending on group size)
Price, inclusive transport: Contact us
Booking before 4pm tree days upfront!
But call us anyway, there might be space for you on today’s outing!
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