Alta Quartzite Slate Workshop w/lunch

Cleave, split, sweep, scratch and cut. A slate workshop at Pæskatun will give you a thorough knowledge of these ancient concepts. You must in fact do them yourself! We divide the group into teams and everyone must try their hand at the various techniques. You can compete on time or technique, or no competition – just having fun and do something you never thought you would ever do! After a hard physical session it will be time to bench ourselves around the long table in the old and cozy slate cottage where a delicious lunch will be served. Pæskatun bears all the necessary equipment as well as training and guidance along the way. Good shoes are recommended and the nice clothing should be left at the hotel. Be a slateworker (for one day)!
Groups only (5-15)
Year around
Duration: 4 hours
Clothing according to season and type of work
Some of the slate at Pæskatun goes into the production of gifts and souvenirs; these can be purchased at site
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