Northern Lights Camp Alta!

Northern Lights Camp!

We at Pæskatun wants to share our fascination of the amazing and mythical Northern Lights and the overwhelming dark winter sky filled with countless stars, and you are hereby invited to come to our Northern Lights Camp Alta.  

More often than not the skies above Alta are clear or just partly clouded, which indicate that almost every night it will be possible to see the Northern Lights when it appears. As the site is high up in the mountains we can offer a fantastic view over the valley and see the lights from Alta down in the horizon. This, along with the non light-polluted firmament, makes the site to a very good photo location.


At site there will be several possibilities to spend the waiting time in an interesting way, Pæskatun is a slate quarry and the guests can be given a demonstration on how the slateworkers produces a roof tile; we have a large screen where pictures and movies of the Northern Lights will be showed and the phenomenon explained; we have several warm slate cottages where you can sit down and warm up a bit and learn about the slate history of Alta that will be on display, in the lavvu (Sami tent) you can sit around the campfire, or you can just wander around and enjoy the winter night and the snow.


The guides at Pæskatun will help you with camera settings that ables you to take your own Northern Lights pictures

Let the Northern Lights come to you!

Price NOK 750 per adult
Children half price
Transport from/to town centre included
PayPal, credit card or cash on arrival
At sale there will be hot beverages, snacks, cakes, souvenirs and slate to cut your own souvenir
Also possible to purchase a portrait that we take with the Northern Lights as background (sent to given e-mail)
Duration: 3-4 hours
Warm winter clothing and shoes recommended and available at camp.
Northern Lights Camp Alta is arranged when bigger events take place and/or when we have cruise arrivals in Alta.
There might be places available for you too!
Northern Lights Camp Alta is also available for groups!
Contact Pæskatun for booking or more information:
+47 97 06 04 89
Also booking through:
North Adventure +47 95 47 15 53
Tourist Information Alta +47 99100022

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