Northern Lights Show!

We illustrate by a picture and movie slide show on the big screen (3x4 meter / 120”x160”) the mystical and impressive Aurora Borealis phenomenon, history and scientific background. It is meant to be booked in addition to events which are taking place at our Pæskatun base camp. It can be carried out both in summer and winter. In the wintertime we will set up the star binocular and there will be an aurora alert constantly looking for the Northern Lights. Through this fun, exciting and educational show we take you through Alta’s impressive aurora history accompanied by spectacular images and movies of the phenomenon. The Northern Lights have mesmerized us since the first Stone Age men came wandering up to these latitudes around ten thousand years ago. Without today's rational and scientific explanations the Northern Lights were explained by myths and religion. Scientists however have been interested in the phenomenon already before the Enlightenment, and their explanations have also been many and sometimes a bit fanciful. In the era of aurora research Alta has always played a central role as the first pioneers came here to study the mysterious lights. And did you know that Alta’s long history, associated with the Northern Lights, has its origin in the French Revolution? Learn about and understand the Aurora!

Groups only
10 – 100 persons
Year around
Duration: 30-60 minutes
Combine Northern Lights Show with Alta Quartzite Slate Show
Also possible to combine with dinner or lunch
Toilets at Basecamp
Warm clothing and shoes recommended when winter
For sale souvenirs and more at Pæskatun
In wintertime we will set up Star Binoculars and there will be an aurora alert constantly looking for the Northern Lights
Contact Pæskatun for booking or more information:
+47 97 06 04 89

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