Team Building

Teambuilding – the local way
Through funny activities you become a “true” Alta citizen!
Season: Year around (excl. 24./25.12 and 29.03-02.04)
Capacity: 10-50 – contact us when large arrangements
Departure: As agreed
Duration: 4-5 hours
Price: Contact us!
If you are planning to form cooperative skills of you employees and binding your team together by fun and exciting activities we can help you with that.
Selected and region related activities call up your colleagues` team spirit. Choose between:
  • being a Slate worker – produce a slate item
  • being a Salmon fisher – fly fishing simulation
  • being a Stone ager – hunt the bear with bow and arrow
  • being a Reindeer herder – catch the reindeer with lasso
  • being a Aurora pioneer – reveal the secrets of the Northern Lights
  • being our Neighbour – make a bonfire and heat up water for coffee making.
  • Or give us a wish-list and we can together work out the perfect teambuilding for your colleagues.
    If it comes to eating and drinking we can offer everything between simple snacks, coffee and cake or even high class dishes which are made exclusively by the best chefs of Alta.
    On request we can provide an appropriate sound system, beamer for presentations with microphone and much more, even a shuttle minibus service.
    If you are interested in an entertainment we can offer please have a closer look here:
  • Northern Lights Presentation (history and scientific background)
  • Alta Quartzite Slate Presentation (history and geology)
  • Alta Quartzite Slate Demonstration (producing a roof tile)
  • Sami story telling in our lavvu (Sami tent)
  • Special arrangements like live music or artists (contact us)
  • Additional information Clothing and shoes according to the season recommended.
    We produce unique, exclusive and also high class slate souvenirs which can only be bought at Pæskatun.
    Minimum one week upfront! Groups only! Contact Pæskatun for booking or more information
    +47 97 06 04 89

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