Northern Lights Safari – Hunting the Northern Lights

IMG_1104We at Pæskatun wants to share our fascination of the amazing and mythical
Northern Lights and the overwhelming dark winter sky filled with countless
stars, and you are hereby invited to come with us for the search for the
Northern Lights. We will leave behind us the artificial lights from the town,
and according to the weather forecast and our specific knowledge of the
landscape and nature surrounding Alta we will search for the clearest sky
and the best photo location.

Tour starts by first visiting Northern Lights Camp Alta at Pæskatun where
guests will be provided with warm winter clothing and shoes. Then the
search for the Northern Lights starts, most times we only need to go outside
and look up and other times we need to go where the weather shifts.
As a photo location Pæskatun is excellent.
Our experienced guides will explain the history, the research and scientific explanation behind the Northern Lights.
We will help with camera settings, but also take pictures of guests with Northern Lights as background. These pictures
will be sent to given e-mail address.

Transport, hot beverages, soup and cakes/biscuits are included.

Duration time can vary depending up on how early the Northern Lights appears and how far we need to go to find them.

NOK 1500 per adult
NOK 1350 per student with valid students ID
NOK 750 per child 12 years and under
NOK 12000 per private group of max 8 persons

PayPal, credit card or cash on arrival.


From old entrance at the Scandic Hotel Alta, then the other accommodations:

September (15th to 30th) – 21:00 h
October, November, December, January, February – 19:00 h
March (1st to 25th) – 19:00
March (26th to 31st) and April (1st to 10th) – 21:00 h

Additional information

Toilets at Northern Lights Camp
Warm winter clothing recommended
Thermal clothing/shoes available
For sale souvenirs and more at Pæskatun, cash/credit card


within 16:00 h the same day

Book directly or contact Pæskatun for more information:
+47 97 06 04 89


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