The tour starts by first go to the Northern Lights Camp Alta at Pæskatun where we get properly dressed to spend a winter night outside. Then we continue to the Sami village of Máze where a lavvu (Sami tent) where we will learn about the Sami culture and history. We will circle the árran (fireplace) sitting on reindeer skins while being served the traditional Sami meal Bidos (reindeer soup). The visit in the lavvu ends with joik - Sami way of chanting - and the guests are invited to join in! On the way back to the Northern Lights Camp Alta we will continue the search for the Northern Lights, finding the best photo location, help you with camera setting that able you to take your own pictures but also we will take pictures of you with the Northern Lights as background and send the photo to given e-mail. The camp at Pæskatun is situated high up in the mountains that make it to a very good photo location, and here we have several warm cabins where we can sit down and relax while having something warm to drink and some snacks to eat. Hot beverages and snacks are included. We leave the warm winter clothing and shoes behind us before heading back to the hotel.
Join us for a wonderful winter activity!
Northern Lights season: 15.09- 10.04
Duration: 5-6 hours
Minimum 2 adults
Capasity: 2-50 persons
NOK 3350 per adult
NOK 3015 per student with valid students ID
NOK 1675 per child 12 years and under
NOK 20500 per private exclusive tour (maximum 8)
Groups 9-50, contact us
Transport, portrait, hot beverages, snacks and sami meal included.
Warm winter clothing and shoes recommended.
Thermal clothing and shoes available.
Booking before 4pm three days upfront.
But call anyway, there might be space for you on today’s outing!
Contact Pæskatun for booking or more information
+47 97 06 04 89

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